How I photograph wedding rings

Last wedding season, I set out to be more deliberate with my wedding ring photographs. I wanted my clients to cherish them along with the rest of their days documention.

One big part of this is taking five minutes to be delibrate with the background of these shots.


For example; at this wedding, the bride had a family friend weave her a bocquet out of flax, using her wedding colours. It was a gorgeous bocquet, and it made for an incredibly dynamic, and rather special backdrop. I really hit the jackpot with this backdrop I must say; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I also carry a glitter card with me to all weddings; these make for an amazing backdrop in a pinch, and usually set off the diamonds in an engagement ring quite well.

Another great backdrop is a wedding invitation; or a tie from one of the guys - as this will often have the wedding colours in it.

For those wanting the technical information; I photograph rings with a 100m Macro lense; and I’ll do some of the other details with this lense, as well as some of the morning preperations!

Three tips to get better vacation photos

I thought I would take a break with blogs about weddings, and give you some tips on your vacation photography (besides, it may come in quite handy for your honeymoon!)

Tip One: Rule of thirds.

This is when we split the image into thirds (both horizantally and vertically), and basically you want your horizon line to match the line of the top third, and any interesting focal points at an intersection of a third.


This image is more visually striking than the one on the right.
The sky fills the entire top third, and the dirt changes to grass around the top of the bottom third. The trees on the left finish at an intersection of thirds, and only fill one third.

This one, whilst pretty (that’s more to do with how stunning central otago is more than anything else), it isn’t as visually striking. The landscape takes up most of the image, making it a bit overwhelming to look at. The interesting focal points are dotted around, rather than being at a third.


This image breaks the rule of thirds slightly with having the most interesting object right in the middle; but it completely contained in the middle vertical third. The roof meets the top of the bottom third.

This image is a perfect example of the rule of thirds. The trees trawl across the bottom third, and don’t got beyond the top of the bottom third. The mountain meets the bottom of the top third. The snow, the pathway and the lake are almost all contained in the middle third.

Tip Two: Look the other way.

I think this is one of the most important things that my lecturer taught me. Look the other way, look for the interesting angle. I’ll link you the best example I’ve ever seen of this.

On the day, there were 1000s of images taken of the twin towers falling, but this image of the crowds reaction is rare, and captures the human element of the tragedy, and to me, says so much more than an image of the tragedy could.

Now on to how this translates to your vacation photos.


This image might be considered an unusual angle because it only shows one corner, not the whole ruins. But this way, you really capture the detail of the decay, you get a sense of previous structure, and you can see how it’s become overgrown.


This angle is non-traditional, but it really emphasises the epicness and height of the building, it makes the image and building feel more modern, and makes the viewer feel like they are standing before it looking straight up at it.

Tip Three: Tell a story


The story in this one is pretty self explanatory, but to add context, this was by a crumbling ruins of a school in an old mining villiage. (See above for ruins of the school)

Did you enjoy this blog? Leave a comment below if you would like some more blogs like this.

Photographing the details

Photographing details at weddings are one of my favourite parts of the day! You’ve gone to so much trouble to pick out all the details, and I’m going to document your hard work.

It’s not going to impact on the documenting people part of the day; documenting the details usually takes me around 10 minutes for the girls, and about five for the guys. Plus, it gives you a breather and a few minutes to not worry about being in front of the camera.

Below is a little collection of how I might arrange your details for a photograph. Reception details aren’t forgotten of course!

April+Sebastian(Web)-113 copy copy.jpg
April+Sebastian(Web)-3 copy copy.jpg
April+Sebastian(Web)-5 copy copy.jpg
Joan&Doug147 copy.jpg
Styled Shoot 04.jpg
Knox004 copy.jpg

A collection of my favourites.

During my hiatus, I had time to reflect how far I’ve grown as a wedding photographer. I thought a good way to show my growth would be to display my favourite wedding photos; it was hard to pick a couple from each wedding!

Not featured here; weddings where I’ve worked as a second shooter, styled shoots, or weddings with privacy restrictions.

I'm back!

So you may not have known, but last year I went on a semi haitus from my business.

Working full time at another job meant that the blogs had to be put on hold, and then part-way through last year I was quite sick, so was unable to take bookings for weddings or portraits.

The good news is that I’m back now! I’m taking wedding bookings for the 2019/2020 wedding season. I've got a wedding locked in for May, so I’m excited to share that with you.

I’m planning on picking up blogging again, and looking forward to bringing back blog Mondays.

I hope you had a wonderful, restful, joy filled Christmas and New Years. Here’s to 2019!


Make-up Artist or DIY?

One of the professionals I get to chat to when I'm photographing weddings are make-up artists. I'm here to tell you why a good makeup artist is worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend hiring a professional make-up artist 

Your professional make-up artist will be able to match your foundation perfectly to your skin-type and shade. They will know what eye-shadow colours suit your eye, what lipstick suits your theme and colours, and what primer is best for your skintype.

Nicole's (pictured above) makeup artist was her talented bridesmaid who runs who her own business - Embiller. She is located in Dunedin. 

If you are highly skilled or comfortable with doing make-up yourself, I still highly recommend hiring a make-up artist. As well as having the correct skillset, their kits are full of only the highest quality products to ensure you look your best, and to ensure longevity. 

Even if you have a vast collection of make-up, you might find you are short of something that you need for the wedding day - such as a long-lasting primer or an all night setting spray ; something that by the time you finish paying for, you find that you could have hired one. 

I've had the priveledge of working with Jess and her team at Beautiful Bride - The Bridal Beauty Specialists on a number of occasions here in Dunedin. 

Finally,  you deserve to feel pampered and fussed over on your wedding day. You also deserve to have a day free of stress.

Kendyl Tulagi is Invercargill based and just absolutely incredible (pictured above) as is Steph Mac Make-up artist (Below). Steph is also someone I have had the priveledge of working with multiple times. 

A good make-up artist and hairdresser will set the tone of your day and ensure that you look and feel like the princess that you are , all day and all throughout the night. 

Wanting to chat to one of the makeup artist's whose work feature here? Flick me an email and I'll sort you out with their contact details.  

Wedding Season Wrap up - Goals Achieved!

This wedding season I had a few photography specific goals in mind that I wanted to achieve. 

I’m proud to say I think I did it!

First Goal: More Deliberate ring/detail shots. 

I love collecting the details together, but in the past I’ve always photographed them separately. I wanted to put the details together all in one shot, and almost tell a little story with them; almost like a portrait without a person. Check out some of the ones from last season!

I also wanted to get more deliberate with my ring shots. In this wedding shown here, I deliberately chose backgrounds that had significance to the couple and their wedding. The background here is the bouquet, which was made by a family friend of the bride, and the colours were throughout the whole wedding; including the ties, the dresses, and the decorations.  




Second Goal: Nail free-lensing. 

Free lensing is where you detach your lens from your camera. For you tech geeks out there, the lens used was a 50m 1.8. It took some practice, but I’m IN LOVE with the results. 


Next years goals: 
Become more adventurous with light. 
Nail the backlit shot. 
Get some epic sunset images. 
Shoot on top of a mountain.

What to expect when you book me for a wedding.

I'll be honest, the last month has got away from me, and my blog suffered the consequences! Since wedding season has now drawn to a close, I thought I would chat to you about the wedding planning aspect, and what you can expect from me when you book me. 

Wedding planning can be overwhelming in the beginning; I know, I've been there! It’s hard to know what to expect when you book each vendor, how much communication is normal, and whether or not you are doing the right thing.

So I’m here to put your mind at ease and to tell you what you can expect when you book me, before you book me!

Firstly, I usually set up a meeting; whether it’s by Skype or in person, to ensure we are the right fit for each other. If you decide we are, and you proceed to book, then awesome sauce!

How you book is quite simple; you just sign your contract and pay your booking fee; this booking fee is credited to your balance. I never ask you to pay money first; you are my client and I want you protected too!

Paying the fee and signing your contract locks in your date, and that date is all yours!

I’m working on creating a wedding guide and welcome pack; it’s basically a mini magazine that gives you pointers and tips for your wedding day, talks about trends, and gives a recommendation of vendors that I have personally worked with.

From there, we will generally communicate over email, and pencil in a date for your engagement shoot. Some people like to use theirs for Save the Dates; so if you have this in mind, definitely get yours done early!

Engagement shoots are complimentary and come with a free gift print as a thank-you for booking with me. After the shoot, I invite you for a viewing to see your beautiful images. There isn’t any obligation to purchase these, and if you do want to purchase some, there is no minimum purchase; you only buy what you love!

From here, we communicate via email leading up to your wedding. We will chat about the timeline, I’ll request the list of your family photos and talk you through how to get the best out of them, and answer any questions you have in the lead-up.

Before the wedding, I’ll also ask about your wedding rehearsal; if you are having one, and if I can be there. Attending the rehearsal gives me a chance to see what light we are likely to be working with on your wedding day, I can see where you are going to enter and stand, and it generally just makes everyone a bit more ready for the most important part of the day; the part where you say I do!

On the morning of your wedding; you can of course expect me at your getting ready location; promptly, with arm loads of gear, and a giant smile on my face. 

Including pets on your wedding day.

Oh pets! They are such a huge part of our lives, so why do we leave them out of our weddings, and our wedding photographs. 

Even if you aren’t into the idea of having your pet directly involved in the ceremony or such, there are other ways to include them! 

If you are getting ready at home, be sure to let me know who your pets are and I will grab photos of them! This cat couldn’t resist having a look at what was going on, and Bella (the border collie) kept trying to get in on the action. 

While you are at home, consider grabbing a portrait with your best furry friend! I’m happy to take it right at the start of your getting ready photos so nothing gets unnecessarily dirty or fur covered! 

Wedding Tips - Home or Salon for your hair?


This one is going to cover two main discussions; whether to get the professionals to take care of your hair on the day; and whether or not to get your hair done at the hairdressers or at your getting ready location.

I am a big believer in utilising professionals; they know what they are doing, they can fix things that go wrong, and they are trained in all hair types, face shapes, etc. They will know what suits you, your face shape, and your hair type. 

You will feel pampered and like a princess; everything you deserve to feel on your wedding day.

Hiring a professional takes the stress out, and you can rest assured that they know how to deal with a variety of scenarios.

Not to mention, they can ensure longevity in your hairstyle, to make sure it lasts well into the night. 

I also recommend, when possible, to hire a hairdresser that will come to your getting ready location and style your hair.

Firstly, it means you are not going backwards and forwards around town on the morning of your wedding. You get a more relaxed, chilled out atmosphere, and you aren’t worried about rushing to appointments first thing.

 Secondly, the light in hairdressers is rarely the most flattering. The lights in the salon are suited to the stylists doing their work; whilst wedding images look universly flattering when we utilise natural window light. However in saying that, I am always happy to work with whatever is going to suit you best.

Thirdly, if your hair and makeup appointments are at home, that cuts down on travel time and gives us more time to get beautiful images. Whilst the make-up artist and stylists are working their magic, I will photograph all your beautiful details. I then move on to photographing the finishing touches of the make-up and hair. 

Your free wedding checklist.

Evening all! I wanted to share with you a new creation of mine; an ultimate wedding checklist! You are welcome to download this even if you don’t plan on using me as your photographer. Planning can be hard work, but lists make things easier! 

This checklist has everything you need; as well as everything you may want. I’ve even included blank spaces for you to fill in those little details that are unique to you and you alone!

Have I missed something? Flick me an email and let me know!

Download it here


What's in my photography bag on a wedding day

On an average wedding day, there is usually a bit more in my kit than just photography gear! 

Obviously, there is my gear. Below is the gear that I take to a wedding. I have two full frame cameras. My 5D Mark III is my main camera, and what I shoot the majority of the day on. In the morning my 24 - 105mm lives on it, and it normally sits at around 35mm focal length, sometimes 50mm. This allows me to capture the morning preparations in a documentary style. 

Once the ceremony starts I switch to my 70 - 200mm, and that lives on my camera right through the ceremony, during the bridal party/bride + groom portraits, and into the reception. For the reception, I often switch back to my 24 - 105mm just so I can get those wide documentary style shots of the crowds reaction to the speeches. 

My second body is a 6D. It serves as my back-up camera, but it gets used during the ceremony and the bridal shots. During the ceremony I chuck my 24 - 105mm on it, and it stays at 24mm so I can get those wide shots of the ceremony, the crowds reaction, etc. During the bride + groom shoot, I'll chuck my macro on it, or do some free-lensing with my 50mm. 

The flashes are mainly used to get creative during the bride + groom shoot; whether I need to overpower the sun to get some even lighting at a specific location, or backlighting the bride and groom. 

The aaa batteries are for my flash trigger, and the aa batteries are for my flash. The brolly and light stand are also for my flash. 

Now, onto the rest! 

I always take  hair-ties and hairspray just in case someone in the bridal party needs them (but usually the hairdressers do such an amazing job that this is not needed, but I prepare for a worst case scenario). 

The sunscreen is obvious I hope - I'm a burner so I need it with me. I'm going to add a big tub for the bridal party too.

I've been thinking about putting together a big emergency kit that would cover every eventuality. Do you see anything I'm missing? 

I'm also looking to add a wooden hanger (for the dress), wipes (for shoes, just in case), bobby pins, safety pins, and tissues. 




Wedding FAQs

These questions get asked fairly frequently by enquiring wedding couples in regards to my photography, so I thought I would bring them to your attention and chuck them on the blog. 

How much are your wedding packages?

My packages are priced between $2200 - $3500 and include a selection of digital files. For more information contact me here

How long do the bride + groom portraits take? 

I generally allow up to 1 and a half hours for the bride + groom shoot. This allows us to go to different locations and explore a variety of poses and set-ups, and gives you time to relax. I do tailor my coverage for each and every client so we can chat more about this in our consultation. 

How long do my finished files take (Wedding)

Please allow up to six weeks for your finished files from the date of your wedding. 

What gear do you use?

I currently have two full frame cameras (A Canon 5D III and a 6D) and a range of L Series Lenses. My favourite lense is my 70 - 200mm. 

Do I need to feed you at the reception?

Yes, but we can chat about that during our consultation. It doesn't need to be the same meal that the guests are eating. Some venues do 'vendor meals' cheaper. Please sit me with your guests so I can capture any unexpected events and jump back in at a moment's notice if need be. 

What’s an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you ask the guests to put their cameras away and turn off all their devices, and be present in your wedding. 

Do I get copyright?

No, I retain copyright, but you get a license with your images that means you can use them for personal use, you can print them, and share them with your family. You can also tell me if you are uncomfortable about sharing your images on social media. 

Can we see the outtakes?

No, the only images that get taken out are repeat images, images where someone has closed their eyes, or where something technical has gone wrong. I will not withold a precious moment from you! 

Will you attend our rehearsal?

That depends on the wedding - we can chat about this in our consultation. 

Why should I have an engagement session?

Your engagement session is complimentary with your wedding booking, so more amazing images never hurts. But seriously, it helps you relax in front of the camera, it helps us get to know each other, and it captures an unique time of your life. 

I don’t see the posed family photos on your website - do you take them?

Yes, absolutely! I will take every combo on your list, if you think it's important, so do I. I simply don't have them on here because a) They aren't for me, they are for my clients and b) to protect privacy. 

Do you travel?

Absolutely. I cover the entire Otago/Southland area as a general guide, but I'm happy to travel all over NZ. 

Do you have a smaller package than what is listed in your price list?

Yes and No. I have smaller packages available but they are generally custom-made and only available on weekdays. Contact me here so we can discuss custom coverage. 

Do you have payment plans for weddings?

Absolutely! Contact me here if you are interested in one.

Do I need a second shooter?

I don't believe that one is needed because of how I structure my packages. I attend both the Bride's and the Groom's preperations in a full day package. However if a second set of eyes and images is something you desire, we can chat about that during our consultation. 

If I choose packages two and three, how long will I stay on the wedding day?

Packages two and three are all day packages, and I don't leave until after the last event of the reception. 

How many photos do I receive? Do you stop taking pictures once you reach the limit?

Contact me here for a full price list which gives details of how many images you recieve per package. This is a guranteed minimum. No, I don't stop taking images until I go home. 

Do you take photos of the Grooms preparation?

Absolutely! It's an essential part of the day! 

When do we get to see the images? 

The day after your wedding I will put a sneak peak on facebook. Within two weeks, you will see your wedding on my blog. Within six weeks, you will have your finished images. 

What if I don’t want my images on Facebook/Website?

Well that's totally okay, and we can chat about the usage of your images during consult. 

What albums do you supply?

I exclusively use Queensberry Albums

Do I get to finalise my album design before it is sent to the printers?

Of course! It's an heirloom, you need to love it!

Are you insured?


Do you scout your location before you shoot it?

If I can and I haven't photographed there before, yes! 

What do you wear? 

I do my best to blend in with the guests whilst wearing something that allows me to get lie on the ground or climb up on chairs if need be. 

I’m super awkward in front of the camera, do you help me feel relaxed?

Of course! Part of my job is to make you feel relaxed. The engagement session will help with this. 

My fiancee hates photos - how do you deal with this?

I will do my best to help him relax, make him laugh, or make him forget I am even there!

I want to meet you, but I don’t live in the area?

That's cool, we can skype! 

How do we arrange your travel?

I arrange all my own travel and accomodation, you don't need to worry about any of that! 

I don’t live in your area but I want to use my free engagement session?

That's cool, you can still use it but there will be a small mileage charge to cover my travel. 

How I structure my photography on your wedding day!

I know that picking a wedding photographer can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least. There are a multitude of styles when it comes to editing, shooting, and running a wedding day. So I thought I would take you through how and why I run my day the way I do; and hopefully it might help you to structure your own timeline!

My middle and largest package include a full day of shooting; but what is a full day? What does that entail?

I cover both the bridesmaids and groomsmen preparations. If your hair and make-up are being done in the salon,  I come and capture this first. I don’t stay for the entire appointment, I usually capture the end of the hair, and the start of the make-up. 

If not, I will start with the boys. I always photograph their shoes, ties and jackets separately (you can read all about what I ask to have prepared for me on the wedding day here).  Once the boys are ready we do a few quick portraits, and we will usually grab the groom with mum and dad, or kids if you have them! I’ll typically spend about 45 minutes with the boys. 

After the boys, I will go to the girls. Here, I photograph the veil, shoes, flowers, perfume, jewellery, the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and of course, the wedding dress. I always ask the bridesmaids to be ready first, so they are dressed and ready to help the bride in to her dress. I will usually create little moments, like getting the bridesmaids assistance with doing the dress up, getting mum to put on your necklace, etc. I also get Dad to wait outside and we do a first look with Dad. Once everyone is ready, we will grab some quick portraits with mum and dad, kids (if you have them), and do a quick shoot with your bridesmaids. I’ll typically spend about an hour and a half with the girls.

I usually leave a little bit before the bridal party has too, to give them time to relax for a wee bit just with each other, and I head off to the ceremony. Here I will get the boys waiting at the aisle, greeting guests, guests mingling. Then of course, the all important bridal entrance.
After the ceremony, I capture the recieving line, then it’s straight into family portraits, then it’s usually time for the bridal party to head off to their photoshoot. The bridal party shoot generally lasts around 1 and a half hours - but if it’s in all in the same location, we can usually cut this down to an hour (and give you more time with your guests).

After this the reception begins, and I usually stay until the last main event of the reception; the events I cover are cutting of the cake, speeches, and first dance. If you’ve got a wedding full of dance floor lovers, I will sometimes stay for the second dance too!

I hope this has helped you in some way. Here is a quick timeline that sums up the above, based on a 3pm ceremony. 

10:00am: Hair and make-up.
12:00pm: Boys getting ready. 
1:00pm: Girls getting ready
3:00pm: Ceremony. 
3:30pm: Family Photos
4:00pm: Bridal Party Photos
5:30pm: Bridal party returns
6:00pm: Reception begins.

Getting the most out of your Wedding Photography

Your photography on your wedding day is (in my opinion) on of your most important purchases. It’s the tangible representation of your memories, and the immortalisation of a special day and all those people that you love most in this world. Which is why I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of your wedding photography!

Firstly, preparation is super important; and no, I’m not talking about being primped and perfect! Research, research and research your photographer! Meet with them, make sure you connect, and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions!

Which brings me to my second point; once you have made that important choice; trust them completely. You have chosen them for their style and their artistic eye, so trust that eye and let them do their thing on your day!

My third tip, is more preparation. Write a list of super important family photos. Concentrate your time and energy into ensuring you’ve instructed the photographer on important people that you absolutely must have captured. 

Consider an unplugged ceremony. I’m a big believer in unplugged ceremonies; partly because it means nobody is getting in my way, but also because it allows your guests to actually live in the moment rather than worrying about getting a photo. Most guests at weddings are taking images with good intentions, but there is no need. It’s my job to ensure your ceremony is beautifully and correctly captured, not theirs! Let them enjoy your day through their own eyes, and ensure them they will be able to see the images once they are ready. 

Have fun. It shows in your images.

Ensure you let your photographer know of any special moments, and tell this to your family too; e.g. - you want a special family member to put on your necklace, your girls are helping with your bodice, Nana is going to do a reading at the reception, you are going to dance with your dad or grandad, etc. 

Ensure you have set aside enough time to get some amazing photos of the two of you. After all, your union is the most important aspect of the day, and we have to celebrate and cherish that for years to come

Lastly, relax. I know it can be hard when you are camera shy, but the majority of the day is going to be captured in a documentary style.

Take up offers of engagement shoots. It will help you relax, it will re-assure you that your photographer knows what they are doing, and it will give you and your photographer a chance to bond before your day. You’ll get to know your photographers shooting style and see how much direction you are given with posing, how at ease they are able to put you, etc. 

My grandma - Multiple Generation Portraits

I can't stress enough how importrant photos of your loved ones are; they are the only thing you have left once your loved one is gone. 

I grew up with a mum who took a lot of snapshots, and a brother who was into photography as a hobby; and I am so grateful for that. It meant that as an adult, I have so many images of my childhood to look back on, to admire, and to help recall memories of the event. 

Which brings me to this; one of my favourite photos. 

That is me, my mum and my grandmother. 


I know it's a snapshot, and I know it's blurry; but I absolutely cherish this image. 

My grandmother passed away when I was three, so fuzzy memories and photos are all I have of her. 

My grandfather died before I was born, so photos and stories are the only way I know him. 

Live in photos. 

For you, your kids, your grandkids, your nieces and nephews, your mum and your dad, your brothers and sisters, your friends, your cousins.

Take snapshots frequently and unapologetically. 

Invest in portraits, and invest in your memories.  

Weddings - Family Portraits!

Ahhh, family photos at a wedding. I’m sure you have all heard horror stories about family unable to be located, or being difficult, or important groups being forgotten. But fear not, as with proper preparation your family photos will fly by with no fuss, and you will come to treasure these beautiful images as important family heirlooms. 

My two biggest tips for the family photo portion of the day involve preparation. Before the wedding, email your photographer the list of family photos you are wanting so they can check them off, and also appoint someone (often it’s the MC that this falls to) to organise your family and call out the order of images, e.g.; calling the grooms side when it’s his turn, calling for his aunties/uncles, etc. 

The last tip I can give you is to hire a good photographer; one with experience and plans.

Personally, I start this part off with the big group photo; that way anyone not in the family photo portion can head off to the next portion of the wedding. Then we do the brides entire side, then down to Aunties/Uncles Grandparents, then just the parents and grandparents, then just parents and siblings; then we take any extras; etc - friend groups, just siblings, just mum and dad (although this will often be taken in the morning), just nana, etc. Then we do the whole thing again with the grooms side! 

Before and during the wedding, it’s also good to let your photographer know if there is someone special that you want your own photo with. This can often wait until the reception or when you are mingling with guests; but it’s usually someone that has special meaning to you; eg - a good friend who isn’t in the bridal party, a special auntie, a favourite sibling.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer for special requests with family photos; or any part of the day for that matter. There isn't much we haven’t seen, there isn’t a family too big or too small that for a good photographer to handle. 


Family Portraits - Macandrew Bay

A few weeks ago I had a stunning drive out to MacAndrew Bay to create some beautiful portraits. 

It was a stunner of an afternoon, so without further ado, lets show you some beautiful portraits!

Their gorgeous dog jumped in some portraits too!

Why I keep business hours - Wedding + Portrait Photography, Dunedin.

As an entreprenuer, it can be really hard to keep regular business hours. My entire job, much to my dismay, doesn't involve exclusively photographing beautiful weddings + portraits all year round. 

Much of my job is planning, writing blogs, posting on Social Media, balancing my accounts, and answering emails/facebook messages. 

Which is why I endavour to keep regular business hours, and only answer clients during them.

If it's something really urgent, like a last minute reschedule or cancellation, I will answer it immediately. 

Most of the time however, I answer between 9 - 5, Monday - Friday. 

One of the main factors for me getting an office space in town was to seperate home from the workplace. When I'm home, I'm home. I'm there for my husband and my pets. 

What do you do to keep yourself disciplined and keep work at work? 

My new branding - the why, what, how and who.

If you follow my facebook page, you would know that I have redeveloped my branding. I have felt my photography business has outgrown it's current branding, and was time for a refresh. 

Not to sound silly, but it's got some very similar touches as the last logo, but is at the same time, completely different. 

I felt I had outgrown my watercolour logo, and I wanted something simpler, monochrome, and something that was easy to make a 'social media' version of. 

I wanted to use a serif font somewhere on it, as I feel this communicates a high end, vintage feel more effectively. 

I wanted to incorporate lavender on their somewhere, as lavender is my favourite flower, something i get from my mother and grandmother. By incorporating it into my branding, I feel like I can keep my grandmother closer to me. 

So, it's still a handwritten/script font paired with a standard font. But there is no watercolour background, and I've gone from a san serif font to a serif font for the 'photography' part.