A reflection on the season past

As the 2015/2016 wedding season approaches, I felt it was a good time to look back on some of my favourite shots from last season. Weddings are a beautiful, romantic and celebratory occasion, so any excuse to look at past wedding images is a good one! 

Firstly, I want to talk about the morning. So many special moments happen in the morning that we take for granted, or that we don't think we will want captured. But when you get your images back and you look at them, you'll remember that you and your mum got a calm moment for a coffee together throughout the chaos of the day, and you won't believe the smile on her face. You might have forgotten how stressed you were over your false eyelashes, and it will be a great story for your husband. The day goes so fast that you don't often get a moment to breathe and soak in the beauty of the day. It's also an amazing way for you and your future spouse to share your 'morning of' stories. 

All moments of the ceremony are beautiful. From the anticipation of the groom waiting at the top of the aisle, to the moment that you and your future spouse walk back down the aisle together as husband and wife, to the embracing of two families merging as one. 

The beautiful first images of you and your future spouse are one fantastic and important part of the day. These are some of the first hugs, kisses and moments you have together as husband as wife. You still have that beautiful 'I just got married' glow. It's also a great part of the day for the both of you to relax and just be husband and wife. 

Finally, the reception. The moment that your friends and family get to congratulate you, and reflect on your journey, both as individuals and a couple. A time of celebration and happiness. You might not remember everyone's entire speech, but the emotion will come flooding back to you when you look at your images.