What Happens after your wedding - my workflow

When you book your photographer, you don't often get a look at behind the scenes. Letting you take a sneak peak behind the scenes not only helps you gain an insight; it installs faith in your photographer. 

I know many people worry that we leave behind or hold back beautiful photos of you, this is not the case! 

First things first, when I get home from a wedding, I back up your files, and no files are removed from their cards until they have two back-ups! I go to great lengths to ensure your files are protected. 

Secondly, I go through your files and pick which ones you will recieve. When eliminating photos, what I'm looking for is out of focus shots, shots where your eyes are closed, or shots that aren't properly exposed. 

After this, I start the editing process. I like a clean, minimal edit. I try and frame my images and do most of this in camera - eg; I would rather move you, or something from behind you, then to eliminate distracting elements in photoshop. But when I edit, I colour correct, fix exposure, remove blemishes, and edit out any distracting elements that weren't able to be removed at the time. 

After editing, I package up your beautiful wedding, and send it out to you! 

Depending on the time and the busyness of the season, this process can take between 4 - 6 weeks.