Wedding FAQs

These questions get asked fairly frequently by enquiring wedding couples in regards to my photography, so I thought I would bring them to your attention and chuck them on the blog. 

How much are your wedding packages?

My packages are priced between $2200 - $3500 and include a selection of digital files. For more information contact me here

How long do the bride + groom portraits take? 

I generally allow up to 1 and a half hours for the bride + groom shoot. This allows us to go to different locations and explore a variety of poses and set-ups, and gives you time to relax. I do tailor my coverage for each and every client so we can chat more about this in our consultation. 

How long do my finished files take (Wedding)

Please allow up to six weeks for your finished files from the date of your wedding. 

What gear do you use?

I currently have two full frame cameras (A Canon 5D III and a 6D) and a range of L Series Lenses. My favourite lense is my 70 - 200mm. 

Do I need to feed you at the reception?

Yes, but we can chat about that during our consultation. It doesn't need to be the same meal that the guests are eating. Some venues do 'vendor meals' cheaper. Please sit me with your guests so I can capture any unexpected events and jump back in at a moment's notice if need be. 

What’s an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you ask the guests to put their cameras away and turn off all their devices, and be present in your wedding. 

Do I get copyright?

No, I retain copyright, but you get a license with your images that means you can use them for personal use, you can print them, and share them with your family. You can also tell me if you are uncomfortable about sharing your images on social media. 

Can we see the outtakes?

No, the only images that get taken out are repeat images, images where someone has closed their eyes, or where something technical has gone wrong. I will not withold a precious moment from you! 

Will you attend our rehearsal?

That depends on the wedding - we can chat about this in our consultation. 

Why should I have an engagement session?

Your engagement session is complimentary with your wedding booking, so more amazing images never hurts. But seriously, it helps you relax in front of the camera, it helps us get to know each other, and it captures an unique time of your life. 

I don’t see the posed family photos on your website - do you take them?

Yes, absolutely! I will take every combo on your list, if you think it's important, so do I. I simply don't have them on here because a) They aren't for me, they are for my clients and b) to protect privacy. 

Do you travel?

Absolutely. I cover the entire Otago/Southland area as a general guide, but I'm happy to travel all over NZ. 

Do you have a smaller package than what is listed in your price list?

Yes and No. I have smaller packages available but they are generally custom-made and only available on weekdays. Contact me here so we can discuss custom coverage. 

Do you have payment plans for weddings?

Absolutely! Contact me here if you are interested in one.

Do I need a second shooter?

I don't believe that one is needed because of how I structure my packages. I attend both the Bride's and the Groom's preperations in a full day package. However if a second set of eyes and images is something you desire, we can chat about that during our consultation. 

If I choose packages two and three, how long will I stay on the wedding day?

Packages two and three are all day packages, and I don't leave until after the last event of the reception. 

How many photos do I receive? Do you stop taking pictures once you reach the limit?

Contact me here for a full price list which gives details of how many images you recieve per package. This is a guranteed minimum. No, I don't stop taking images until I go home. 

Do you take photos of the Grooms preparation?

Absolutely! It's an essential part of the day! 

When do we get to see the images? 

The day after your wedding I will put a sneak peak on facebook. Within two weeks, you will see your wedding on my blog. Within six weeks, you will have your finished images. 

What if I don’t want my images on Facebook/Website?

Well that's totally okay, and we can chat about the usage of your images during consult. 

What albums do you supply?

I exclusively use Queensberry Albums

Do I get to finalise my album design before it is sent to the printers?

Of course! It's an heirloom, you need to love it!

Are you insured?


Do you scout your location before you shoot it?

If I can and I haven't photographed there before, yes! 

What do you wear? 

I do my best to blend in with the guests whilst wearing something that allows me to get lie on the ground or climb up on chairs if need be. 

I’m super awkward in front of the camera, do you help me feel relaxed?

Of course! Part of my job is to make you feel relaxed. The engagement session will help with this. 

My fiancee hates photos - how do you deal with this?

I will do my best to help him relax, make him laugh, or make him forget I am even there!

I want to meet you, but I don’t live in the area?

That's cool, we can skype! 

How do we arrange your travel?

I arrange all my own travel and accomodation, you don't need to worry about any of that! 

I don’t live in your area but I want to use my free engagement session?

That's cool, you can still use it but there will be a small mileage charge to cover my travel.