Why I keep business hours - Wedding + Portrait Photography, Dunedin.

As an entreprenuer, it can be really hard to keep regular business hours. My entire job, much to my dismay, doesn't involve exclusively photographing beautiful weddings + portraits all year round. 

Much of my job is planning, writing blogs, posting on Social Media, balancing my accounts, and answering emails/facebook messages. 

Which is why I endavour to keep regular business hours, and only answer clients during them.

If it's something really urgent, like a last minute reschedule or cancellation, I will answer it immediately. 

Most of the time however, I answer between 9 - 5, Monday - Friday. 

One of the main factors for me getting an office space in town was to seperate home from the workplace. When I'm home, I'm home. I'm there for my husband and my pets. 

What do you do to keep yourself disciplined and keep work at work?