How to save money on your wedding - the right way - general tips.

Being in the wedding industry, as well as being married myself, has given me some interesting and rather useful knowledge of wedding planning. One thing that I hear time and time again, whether it's conversations with brides, general chit chat, or exploring wedding forums, is the dreaded budget. 

Whether your budget is $5000 or $50,000 - everyone has one. But I want to tell you right now, you can have a beautiful wedding that is an absolute reflection of you, no matter what your budget. You just have to be willing to compromise

I'm turning this into a series, the next one will be about the dress!

Firstly, plan and keep track of your spending. The little things can sometimes spiral out of control, like accessories and decorations, so make a plan at the start and record everything. 

Secondly, if you are sticking to a budget, compromise. Figure out what is most important to you, and concentrate on that. If you have a dream venue, compromise on the food. If you have a dream dress, find budget friendly shoes and bridesmaids dresses. If you have a dream photographer, find a free ceremony option

Consider a 'Pop-up' wedding. There are plenty of pop-up wedding packages now that keep costs down, and give you a celebrant, venue, cake and photographer, sometimes more, and sometimes a mixture of said vendors. Simply google 'Pop-Up Weddings (City or region)'

If saving money is important to you, learn to let some things go. You don't have to have THE shoes, THE jewellery, THE veil, THE bunting. 

Sales! Take advantage of online shopping, sales, etc. You can save a bunch on your decor, bridesmaids dresses, suits, accessories, if you take advantage of sales. 

Shop 2nd Hand. I guarantee there will be some great finds on TradeMe or Wedding Buy and Sell pages. Take advantage of these, and keep your eye on them in wedding season. 

I'm not into walls of text so I will leave it here for now. I'm looking forward to writing this series, and I hope it helps you!