How to save money on your wedding - Accessories

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Hello and welcome to my 'how to save money on your wedding' series - today's tip - accessories!
I'm going to be talking all accessories - your accessories, (Jewellery, shoes, perfume), your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and the Groom. 

Let's start with the shoes! My first tip, as previously talked about in other parts of this series, is to consider buying second hand. I see scores of white shoes on buy and sell pages, in op shops, and on TradeMe, and most are only lightly used. Once you have your feet in them, you cannot tell the difference. 

Guys often already have dress shoes for work or past social functions - but if not, wait for a good Hallensteins sale, or again, look for second hand. Unless he is likely to get great use out of them, don't feel the need to buy new. 

Next up, Jewellery! I wholeheartedly believe that the best jewellery has some significance to it. If you can, take the opportunity to wear something that has been in your family for generations. I promise you will treasure those images and that memory for years to come. For dressing your bridesmaids, ask them what jewellery they already have - you don't need to be one hundred percent matching - matching style is enough (Eg - all pendants, all chokers, etc).

Don't feel the need to buy brand new perfume. By all means, splurge if you want, but there is absolutely no need for a new bottle of perfume, especially if you already have a favourite at home! 

I'll leave it there for now - next week I'll chat about stationery - table stationery, invitations and save the dates!