How to save money on your wedding - Table stationery and decor.

Last week we chatted about invitations - this week we are talking about table stationery and decor! 

My first advice would be to read my last blog about saving money on your stationery - much of the same advice applies here - don't feel the need to upgrade your paper to a fancier one, and consider getting something from an 'off the shelf' or 'pre-made' collection. 

Secondly, consider your numbers. Everyone doesn't need a menu each - consider having one menu to every two people. Or, consider having one large menu printed up and have it beside your seating chart or welcome sign.

While name cards look awesome and lovely, consider having dedicated tables, but freestyle the seating - so assign people to just a table, rather than a seat. This will negate the need for name cards all together. 

Now, the decor. You might be sick of hearing this, but seriously, keep a really good eye on Buy and Sell pages, and TradeMe. I see countless, barely used decorations all over Facebook all the time. 

As far as the head table goes, your bouquets can double as flowers for the head table - have a vase ready, and put your bouquets in them when it comes time for the reception - and free up your hands for eating, drinking, and dancing the night away! 

I think I'll leave it there - I hope you have found these helpful. Let me know if you feel I have left a topic out that you want some tips on!