What's in my photography bag on a wedding day

On an average wedding day, there is usually a bit more in my kit than just photography gear! 

Obviously, there is my gear. Below is the gear that I take to a wedding. I have two full frame cameras. My 5D Mark III is my main camera, and what I shoot the majority of the day on. In the morning my 24 - 105mm lives on it, and it normally sits at around 35mm focal length, sometimes 50mm. This allows me to capture the morning preparations in a documentary style. 

Once the ceremony starts I switch to my 70 - 200mm, and that lives on my camera right through the ceremony, during the bridal party/bride + groom portraits, and into the reception. For the reception, I often switch back to my 24 - 105mm just so I can get those wide documentary style shots of the crowds reaction to the speeches. 

My second body is a 6D. It serves as my back-up camera, but it gets used during the ceremony and the bridal shots. During the ceremony I chuck my 24 - 105mm on it, and it stays at 24mm so I can get those wide shots of the ceremony, the crowds reaction, etc. During the bride + groom shoot, I'll chuck my macro on it, or do some free-lensing with my 50mm. 

The flashes are mainly used to get creative during the bride + groom shoot; whether I need to overpower the sun to get some even lighting at a specific location, or backlighting the bride and groom. 

The aaa batteries are for my flash trigger, and the aa batteries are for my flash. The brolly and light stand are also for my flash. 

Now, onto the rest! 

I always take  hair-ties and hairspray just in case someone in the bridal party needs them (but usually the hairdressers do such an amazing job that this is not needed, but I prepare for a worst case scenario). 

The sunscreen is obvious I hope - I'm a burner so I need it with me. I'm going to add a big tub for the bridal party too.

I've been thinking about putting together a big emergency kit that would cover every eventuality. Do you see anything I'm missing? 

I'm also looking to add a wooden hanger (for the dress), wipes (for shoes, just in case), bobby pins, safety pins, and tissues.