TEDx Dunedin - Event Photography

Last weekend I had the privilege of running a photobooth at the TEDx Dunedin event.  One of my friends was talking on stage, so I also decided to do some stage photography as well (and lets be honest, I can't resist good light). 

The theme was 'making a difference', so we decided on Atlas pages for the background, as making a difference involves a) everyone on this earth and b) saving the earth itself. 

For the stage photography, I decided to shoot in monochrome and really utilise the stage lighting. There were some fantastic speakers and performers there! Heidi from Innov8 HQ was the main MC, and Ray was the organiser and licence holder for TEDx Dunedin!

Ashleigh spoke about the importance of involving youth in youth discussions; an incredibly important and relevant issue, and I totally agree with her. Our world is forever changing and evolving, and nobody except the current generation understands what it's like to grow up right now. She had some great metaphors involving a sponge. 

These perfomers are a duo, that 'jam' together by drawing to the beat of the others guitar. Quite cool to see in person I must say. 

Richard talked about high sporting achievements.

As part of the TEDx event, Hena ran a small workshop called 'quick ideas', where audience members had to write down what they would do a Ted talk on if they were asked too. There were some super awesome ideas (which we will see the conclusion of later!) She did an awesome job of getting the audience involved and was also part of the organising committee. 

During the break, attendees had snacks and coffee for mingling, canvas' to write messages to the speakers, my photobooth they could jump in (see above), or they had this absolutely stunning canvas they could colour in. Not to sound like a broken record, but you need to check this girls page out; Cenara Davies-Bell Artist. This is hand drawn!

After the break, we had George talking about why all generations suck. He provided a very entertaining speech and the crux of his talk was about the need for generations to listen to and work together, rather than blaming each other for various issues. 

Next up we had Emere entertaining us with songs in fluent Te Reo. She had an absolute stunning singing voice; this is one of the ones that to get the full idea of, you really need to wait for the video. 

Next up we had Casey from Geia talking about the power of your dollar, and how the spending decisions you make everyday are you voting with your wallet. 

Barbara spoke about the importance of knowing your history so you aren't doomed to repeat it. 

Fi, who started her own brand Senorita Awesumo, talked about the importance of knowing where your clothes come from, the perils of fast fashion (including the shocking 2013 factory collapse of the Raza Plaza in Bangladesh where 1129 people died), and making the most of out of your clothes (mending, re-suing and recycling fabric, and utlilising textiles). 

Before the dinner break, we had Hena back with the conclusion of her audience activity, and her winners gave a brief description of what they would talk about if they had to give a Tedx Talk. 

After the dinner break (and in case you are wondering, the food was amazing), we had Scout speaking about Gender, politics, the importance of fighting for what you believe in, and how minorities are often likely to be systematically disadvantaged. 

Then we had the absolutely amazing performer Josh; Josh is a dancer that does fire spinning in his spare time, and he provided an incredibly cool performance with some LED lights. He also talked about the importance of being brave and trying new and cool things, so I took his words to heart and tried out some slow motion photography for the first time in years. 

Last but certainly not least, we had Mark talk to us about the importance of having conversations that matter. He touched on some of the issues talked about by Ashleigh and George; such as involving youth and the importance of inter-generational communication. 

And that's a wrap. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend attending a TEDx or TED event. Watching them on youtube just doesn't have quite the same effect; being there, living the experience and hearing the talks live is an unforgettable experience.