My new branding - the why, what, how and who.

If you follow my facebook page, you would know that I have redeveloped my branding. I have felt my photography business has outgrown it's current branding, and was time for a refresh. 

Not to sound silly, but it's got some very similar touches as the last logo, but is at the same time, completely different. 

I felt I had outgrown my watercolour logo, and I wanted something simpler, monochrome, and something that was easy to make a 'social media' version of. 

I wanted to use a serif font somewhere on it, as I feel this communicates a high end, vintage feel more effectively. 

I wanted to incorporate lavender on their somewhere, as lavender is my favourite flower, something i get from my mother and grandmother. By incorporating it into my branding, I feel like I can keep my grandmother closer to me. 

So, it's still a handwritten/script font paired with a standard font. But there is no watercolour background, and I've gone from a san serif font to a serif font for the 'photography' part.