What to have ready for me on your wedding day - How I photograph.

I get a lot of funny looks when I request things like shoes, ties and cufflinks at weddings. They are the first things I photograph on the day of a wedding, and there is good reason for this. 

Firstly, it gives you a chance to relax with your friends, it gives the guys a chance to get into their shirts and pants, and it often passes the time while you get the finishing touches on your hair and make-up (or in some cases, while that portion gets started). 

Secondly, they help tell the story of your day; each part is so important, those little details you have carefully picked, and they all contribute to the overall story of your day. 

Mainly, I ask that the guys have their jackets, shoes, ties and cufflinks ready for me to photograph; plus any cologne or special presents the two of you have exchanged. 

I will ask the girls to have their shoes, perfume, veil, and jewellery ready for me to photograph, as well as their invitation. 

I also photograph the dress, flowers and rings; but I'm going to do a seperate blog on those. 
I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope it helped you to understand why us photographers sometimes have odd requests for your wedding day!