Getting the most out of your Wedding Photography

Your photography on your wedding day is (in my opinion) on of your most important purchases. It’s the tangible representation of your memories, and the immortalisation of a special day and all those people that you love most in this world. Which is why I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of your wedding photography!

Firstly, preparation is super important; and no, I’m not talking about being primped and perfect! Research, research and research your photographer! Meet with them, make sure you connect, and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions!

Which brings me to my second point; once you have made that important choice; trust them completely. You have chosen them for their style and their artistic eye, so trust that eye and let them do their thing on your day!

My third tip, is more preparation. Write a list of super important family photos. Concentrate your time and energy into ensuring you’ve instructed the photographer on important people that you absolutely must have captured. 

Consider an unplugged ceremony. I’m a big believer in unplugged ceremonies; partly because it means nobody is getting in my way, but also because it allows your guests to actually live in the moment rather than worrying about getting a photo. Most guests at weddings are taking images with good intentions, but there is no need. It’s my job to ensure your ceremony is beautifully and correctly captured, not theirs! Let them enjoy your day through their own eyes, and ensure them they will be able to see the images once they are ready. 

Have fun. It shows in your images.

Ensure you let your photographer know of any special moments, and tell this to your family too; e.g. - you want a special family member to put on your necklace, your girls are helping with your bodice, Nana is going to do a reading at the reception, you are going to dance with your dad or grandad, etc. 

Ensure you have set aside enough time to get some amazing photos of the two of you. After all, your union is the most important aspect of the day, and we have to celebrate and cherish that for years to come

Lastly, relax. I know it can be hard when you are camera shy, but the majority of the day is going to be captured in a documentary style.

Take up offers of engagement shoots. It will help you relax, it will re-assure you that your photographer knows what they are doing, and it will give you and your photographer a chance to bond before your day. You’ll get to know your photographers shooting style and see how much direction you are given with posing, how at ease they are able to put you, etc.