How I structure my photography on your wedding day!

I know that picking a wedding photographer can be overwhelming and confusing to say the least. There are a multitude of styles when it comes to editing, shooting, and running a wedding day. So I thought I would take you through how and why I run my day the way I do; and hopefully it might help you to structure your own timeline!

My middle and largest package include a full day of shooting; but what is a full day? What does that entail?

I cover both the bridesmaids and groomsmen preparations. If your hair and make-up are being done in the salon,  I come and capture this first. I don’t stay for the entire appointment, I usually capture the end of the hair, and the start of the make-up. 

If not, I will start with the boys. I always photograph their shoes, ties and jackets separately (you can read all about what I ask to have prepared for me on the wedding day here).  Once the boys are ready we do a few quick portraits, and we will usually grab the groom with mum and dad, or kids if you have them! I’ll typically spend about 45 minutes with the boys. 

After the boys, I will go to the girls. Here, I photograph the veil, shoes, flowers, perfume, jewellery, the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and of course, the wedding dress. I always ask the bridesmaids to be ready first, so they are dressed and ready to help the bride in to her dress. I will usually create little moments, like getting the bridesmaids assistance with doing the dress up, getting mum to put on your necklace, etc. I also get Dad to wait outside and we do a first look with Dad. Once everyone is ready, we will grab some quick portraits with mum and dad, kids (if you have them), and do a quick shoot with your bridesmaids. I’ll typically spend about an hour and a half with the girls.

I usually leave a little bit before the bridal party has too, to give them time to relax for a wee bit just with each other, and I head off to the ceremony. Here I will get the boys waiting at the aisle, greeting guests, guests mingling. Then of course, the all important bridal entrance.
After the ceremony, I capture the recieving line, then it’s straight into family portraits, then it’s usually time for the bridal party to head off to their photoshoot. The bridal party shoot generally lasts around 1 and a half hours - but if it’s in all in the same location, we can usually cut this down to an hour (and give you more time with your guests).

After this the reception begins, and I usually stay until the last main event of the reception; the events I cover are cutting of the cake, speeches, and first dance. If you’ve got a wedding full of dance floor lovers, I will sometimes stay for the second dance too!

I hope this has helped you in some way. Here is a quick timeline that sums up the above, based on a 3pm ceremony. 

10:00am: Hair and make-up.
12:00pm: Boys getting ready. 
1:00pm: Girls getting ready
3:00pm: Ceremony. 
3:30pm: Family Photos
4:00pm: Bridal Party Photos
5:30pm: Bridal party returns
6:00pm: Reception begins.