Weddings - Family Portraits!

Ahhh, family photos at a wedding. I’m sure you have all heard horror stories about family unable to be located, or being difficult, or important groups being forgotten. But fear not, as with proper preparation your family photos will fly by with no fuss, and you will come to treasure these beautiful images as important family heirlooms. 

My two biggest tips for the family photo portion of the day involve preparation. Before the wedding, email your photographer the list of family photos you are wanting so they can check them off, and also appoint someone (often it’s the MC that this falls to) to organise your family and call out the order of images, e.g.; calling the grooms side when it’s his turn, calling for his aunties/uncles, etc. 

The last tip I can give you is to hire a good photographer; one with experience and plans.

Personally, I start this part off with the big group photo; that way anyone not in the family photo portion can head off to the next portion of the wedding. Then we do the brides entire side, then down to Aunties/Uncles Grandparents, then just the parents and grandparents, then just parents and siblings; then we take any extras; etc - friend groups, just siblings, just mum and dad (although this will often be taken in the morning), just nana, etc. Then we do the whole thing again with the grooms side! 

Before and during the wedding, it’s also good to let your photographer know if there is someone special that you want your own photo with. This can often wait until the reception or when you are mingling with guests; but it’s usually someone that has special meaning to you; eg - a good friend who isn’t in the bridal party, a special auntie, a favourite sibling.

Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer for special requests with family photos; or any part of the day for that matter. There isn't much we haven’t seen, there isn’t a family too big or too small that for a good photographer to handle.