Wedding Season Wrap up - Goals Achieved!

This wedding season I had a few photography specific goals in mind that I wanted to achieve. 

I’m proud to say I think I did it!

First Goal: More Deliberate ring/detail shots. 

I love collecting the details together, but in the past I’ve always photographed them separately. I wanted to put the details together all in one shot, and almost tell a little story with them; almost like a portrait without a person. Check out some of the ones from last season!

I also wanted to get more deliberate with my ring shots. In this wedding shown here, I deliberately chose backgrounds that had significance to the couple and their wedding. The background here is the bouquet, which was made by a family friend of the bride, and the colours were throughout the whole wedding; including the ties, the dresses, and the decorations.  




Second Goal: Nail free-lensing. 

Free lensing is where you detach your lens from your camera. For you tech geeks out there, the lens used was a 50m 1.8. It took some practice, but I’m IN LOVE with the results. 


Next years goals: 
Become more adventurous with light. 
Nail the backlit shot. 
Get some epic sunset images. 
Shoot on top of a mountain.