Make-up Artist or DIY?

One of the professionals I get to chat to when I'm photographing weddings are make-up artists. I'm here to tell you why a good makeup artist is worth their weight in gold. I highly recommend hiring a professional make-up artist 

Your professional make-up artist will be able to match your foundation perfectly to your skin-type and shade. They will know what eye-shadow colours suit your eye, what lipstick suits your theme and colours, and what primer is best for your skintype.

Nicole's (pictured above) makeup artist was her talented bridesmaid who runs who her own business - Embiller. She is located in Dunedin. 

If you are highly skilled or comfortable with doing make-up yourself, I still highly recommend hiring a make-up artist. As well as having the correct skillset, their kits are full of only the highest quality products to ensure you look your best, and to ensure longevity. 

Even if you have a vast collection of make-up, you might find you are short of something that you need for the wedding day - such as a long-lasting primer or an all night setting spray ; something that by the time you finish paying for, you find that you could have hired one. 

I've had the priveledge of working with Jess and her team at Beautiful Bride - The Bridal Beauty Specialists on a number of occasions here in Dunedin. 

Finally,  you deserve to feel pampered and fussed over on your wedding day. You also deserve to have a day free of stress.

Kendyl Tulagi is Invercargill based and just absolutely incredible (pictured above) as is Steph Mac Make-up artist (Below). Steph is also someone I have had the priveledge of working with multiple times. 

A good make-up artist and hairdresser will set the tone of your day and ensure that you look and feel like the princess that you are , all day and all throughout the night. 

Wanting to chat to one of the makeup artist's whose work feature here? Flick me an email and I'll sort you out with their contact details.