How I photograph wedding rings

Last wedding season, I set out to be more deliberate with my wedding ring photographs. I wanted my clients to cherish them along with the rest of their days documention.

One big part of this is taking five minutes to be delibrate with the background of these shots.


For example; at this wedding, the bride had a family friend weave her a bocquet out of flax, using her wedding colours. It was a gorgeous bocquet, and it made for an incredibly dynamic, and rather special backdrop. I really hit the jackpot with this backdrop I must say; it’s absolutely gorgeous.

I also carry a glitter card with me to all weddings; these make for an amazing backdrop in a pinch, and usually set off the diamonds in an engagement ring quite well.

Another great backdrop is a wedding invitation; or a tie from one of the guys - as this will often have the wedding colours in it.

For those wanting the technical information; I photograph rings with a 100m Macro lense; and I’ll do some of the other details with this lense, as well as some of the morning preperations!