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How to save money on your wedding - Stationery

Being a designer too (If you want to check out my stationery you can find it here), I have a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to wedding stationery. So today, I'm here to tell you how you can have beautiful stationery without compromising on quality, whilst saving money. 

Firstly, don't feel the need to have a RVSP card. I absolutely adore RSVP cards, but if you are on a budget, I do suggest they are the first things to go. That saves you not only on the physical card, but the extra postage for the stamped envelopes for your guests to send them back. 

Secondly, don't feel the need to have fancy envelopes - whilst matching printed envelopes, lined or metallic envelopes look beautiful and awesome - they often aren't kept (whilst heaps of people might keep a pretty invitation as a keepsake, I know I do!). 

Added to that, don't feel like it's necessary to upgrade to fancier papers. If you want to, by all means do it - linen, metallic or textured papers are awesome and absolutely stunning - but most invitations also look great on a good quality, thick white matte card. I design all my stationery to suit a white card - that way any paper upgrades are absolutely optional. 

Another tip for saving cash, consider getting something already designed from your chosen designer; these are sometimes called 'off the shelf' invites, or 'from the collection', 'pre-made', etc. This will save you custom made fees. 

Lastly, consider a digital invite! I provide digital versions of all my invitations, as well as custom made ones, which are more affordable than it's printed counterpart. This not only saves you on the actual invitation, but it saves you a bundle on postage. It's easy as to attach to an email for most of your guests, and because you have the invite, it's easy as to get a few printed for your elderly guests that maybe don't have access to a computer. 

I think that's enough text for today - next week, table stationery! 

Finding the love in everyday - Week One

Week One in my March photo challenge has absolutely flown by! I'm loving the challenge of actively going out everyday and photographing something that I love, whether that be one of my pets, a hobby, or a building I find particularly cool. 

How to save money on your wedding - the dress!

Welcome to the second blog in my series of 'how to save money on your wedding - the right way'. 

Today's topic - the dress!

If you are looking for a blog that was going to tell you the best aliexpress buyers to use, or how to buy a dress off DHGate, I'm sorry but you have come to the wrong place. 

I believe in buying quality. Dresses on Asian emporium websites are cheap for a reason. They take the designers image, claim to be selling that dress, then replicate said dress with cheaper materials, and likely slave labour. 

Tip 1: Keep an eye out for sales and take advantage of them. In the last three months alone, two bridal stores I follow have had brilliant sales, as they have been clearing out their old stock to make way for new collections. Many a bargains were scored in these sales by budget savvy brides, next time, make that you! Locate the bridal stores in your area, follow them on facebook, wait for the right time of year and grab yourself a bargain - if you want one! 

Tip 2: Browse TradeMe - TradeMe and Buy and Sell pages have a flood of good quality, amazing dresses after every wedding season. Keep an eye on these pages, and you never know what you may find. Get the most out of that dress and pass it on to another bride when you have had your turn too! 


Tip 3: Buy from a retail store. If you are looking for something a bit different than your average wedding dress, I would seriously recommend checking out some clothing retail stores - I've seen some seriously cool white dresses on ASOS and Modcloth - I've even purchased from Modcloth myself for a styled shoot! These dresses are often perfect for a budget friendly, low key wedding - see the image on the left for the dress in question. 

SIT December Graduation

At the beginning of December I had the absolute pleasure of capturing some portraits of my lovely husband and some close friends of mine as they celebrated their graduation. 

To be entrusted with documenting such an amazing time in someones life is always a huge honour. 

I also had the pleasure of capturing the graduates with their families. Undertaking study is such a huge decision, and completing studies is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and who better to celebrate it with then those who supported you through it. For once I got in front of the camera, so I could have an image of me with my incredibly talented husband. 

Thank-you to all who entrusted me with this honour - and congratulations on graduating from SIT! 

Weddings - Your Day, Your Way!

Today I am going to write from the heart, and I'm going to talk about doing weddings your way. One thing I can't stress enough to future couples is the importance of doing a wedding your own way. 

Too often people get caught up in the commercialisation of weddings, and worried about pleasing everyone. 

Well I say, don't.

A wedding is the celebration of YOUR love story. The only two people you need to please are yourselves. 

If someone is pushing you to have a church wedding, but your dream is an intimate ceremony in a forest, then do it. 

If someone is pushing you into traditions and formalities, but you are more 'jandals on a beach' kind of couple, then embrace it. A wedding day should be a direct representation of your inner most self. 

Don't want to wear a white dress? Don't wear one! 

If you are a bride, and your bestie is a guy, have him in your bridal party. The tradition of the 'identical' bridal party only started in ancient times to scare off and confuse potential kidnappers and evil spirits as they wouldn't be able to identify the bride and groom. 

If you want to elope, go for it! Have a party later on. 

What I want to say is that you shouldn't be scared to break tradition, you shouldn't be worried about others thoughts and feelings - this is your love story! 

Some of my favourite weddings have been 'non-traditional' - one bride got married at the top of a playground and made all her guests slide down the slide in celebration. She even arrived by (kids) train! 

As always, I can't leave you without an image. Here is a shot from a wedding that reperesented what it means to be family, a community, and to be full of love. 

Fifty Fine Years - The Heydon Family

In June I had the amazing priviledge of capturing a 50th Wedding Annivesary for the Heydon's. To see a couple exemplify a successful marriage, and to be an inspiration to their children, grandchildren, neices and nephews, was beyond words. The love this family has for each other shows in their images, and laughter was definitely the theme of the night! 

Relay for Life - A Reflection.

About three months ago I was involved in a wonderful event called the relay for life. It is an event where people donate their time and money, and walk or run circuits of a track to raise money for the Cancer Society. Thousands of selfless souls around the country donate their time and energy to this wonderful cause. I was lucky to have the opportunity to donate my time and capture part of this event. The images have been on my facebook page for a while, and you can find the full album here - www.facebook.com/kathillphotography. Here is a small part of what I captured!

A beautiful little girl to behold.

About a month ago now, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a precious little girl's newborn shoot. As well as that, I got to photograph her equally adorable big sister, and capture the families first portrait with their new addition. So without further ado, meet Lili, at just 12 days new!