Otago Wedding Photographer

The first time I called myself a photographer

Now, that's a hairy question! 

If I'm honest, it's actually hard to remember, as now it so casually falls off the tongue. 

Halfway through second year, our lecturer told us to start referring to ourselves as photographers, rather than 'student photographers'. However, as I was in second year, I was incredibly relunctant to do so. 

I distinctly remember at the end of second year, he addressed as a class and told us that we were photographers now. Third year was about refining our portfolio, but we had the skills to call ourselves photographers now. 

That still wasn't enough for me. 

Third year came, and I was getting a little more confident with it, but still hesitatant. I was scared people would call me out. 

I'm a photographer, I would say. 

You mean a student photographer, I would hear back in my own head. 

It wasn't until I was photographing my first wedding. They addressed me as one of the 'photographers'. "Oh, ask the photographer", "Oh, where is the photographer". They knew my friend and I were still in tech, yet, not once, did they refer to us as student photographers - guests and family only found out when they were making small talk with us. 

After that, my confidence increased significantly. I was no longer hesitant when I called myself a photographer. I corrected others when they referred to themselves as student photographers. 

So what's the lesson here? 

Be confident, own those skills, own your profession and shout it from the rooftops.